Hey there, travel enthusiasts and reality TV lovers! Today, we’ve got something exciting to talk about – the exhilarating show Rush hosted by the one and only David Genat. We had the absolute pleasure of basking in David’s presence as he joined us in the studio.

David Genat wears many hats, and he does it all with flair. He’s the host of Rush, a model, an actor, not to mention he won Survivor in 2019 – quite the impressive resume! But what sets him apart is that he’s just like us, hailing from Perth. It’s incredible to see someone from our hometown making it big on the global stage.

RUSH: A wild adventure around the globe with David Genat - model, Survivor star, and Perth native!


During his interview, David shares how his travel adventures have enriched his life. Having traveled the world during his fashion career and now on the show Rush, he’s had the chance to experience various cultures and broaden his horizons. He speaks about how travel opens doors and expands the mind, exposing us to different perspectives and experiences. It’s no wonder he’s so passionate about sharing these incredible cultural experiences with the show’s audience.

Rush takes contestants on a journey of sensory overload

Speaking of the show, Rush takes contestants on a wild ride. Deprived of all sight and sound, three teams will be dropped into the chaotic heart of the world’s most pulsating cultural festivals and exotic locations across the globe. After removing their blindfolds and earphones, they race through the mayhem to find David with the help of their smartwatches and cryptic clues. After finding David the teams receive a dossier containing everything they need to find the escape zone and move on to the next country. But there’s a twist! The last team to reach the escape zone has to vote someone out, making for some thrilling and sometimes awkward moments. The best part? The travel! Contestants bond through their shared experiences, proving that travel can unite even the most competitive souls.

As we chat with David, we can’t help but admire his adventures in Jordan, Hong Kong, and India. These places, described as a “sensory overload, in the best way”, left a lasting impact on him, especially India with its vibrant colours and beautiful chaos. He shares heartfelt stories of the extremes he witnessed between haves and have-nots, reminding us of the incredible diversity our world has to offer.

Brad Pitt who?

And hey, being the host of a travel show has its perks, but it’s not all glamour. David spills the beans on the challenges behind the scenes, from security teams protecting him from colour-happy Holy Festival patrons to doing multiple takes of eating french fries. he admits that he tried to channel the cool-guy vibes of Rusty Ryan (played by Brad Pitt) in the Oceans movie while tasting the snacks each country had to offer. But this came completely undone in Brazil after making a mess of delicious, fresh churros. “I think I made such a mess of it, it didn’t even make the cut… I was stuffing my face with doughnuts, that’s not ‘Brad Pitt’…”.

So, if you’re into adventure, travel, and electrifying moments, Rush is the show for you. Tune in on Channel9 and 9Now and join David on his wild ride around the globe. Who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to go on your own travel escapades!

Listen to the full conversation we had with David Genat below: