The title of the book, Ascent, Crest, Perspective: The Making of a Bamboo Camel is anything but ordinary, just like its author. Ross James has had an anything but ordinary life. The book is a memoir. Reflecting on his years as a journalist, academic and researcher, as well as the personal battles he has faced. Ross has worked in many countries, including Australia, the Philippines and Pakistan.

Not only has his career taken him across the globe, but also into the 98five studios. Back in the early 80s Ross helped lead the first two test broadcasts for 98five Sonshine FM. He was instrumental in securing our broadcasting license.

98five Sonshine FM test broadcast 1984 with Ross James

98five Sonshine FM test broadcast, 1984.


Rodney Olsen, host of the Bleeding Daylight podcast sat down with Ross James for a chat about that era, everything he’s done since and his book detailing it all.