Welcome back Rodney!

For many 98five Sonshine listeners, the name Rodney Olsen will be very familiar. Rodney was a key on-air presenter at the station for 21 years, presenting our weekday programs until 2013. He explains his journey over the past 9 years below, and we’re excited about the fact that his journey has now led him back to us in a slightly different role.

Rodney is now sharing his many years of experience in partnering with the Churches and Christian community here in WA, as our new Relationships Manager. This role will see him take the Sonshine story out into the community as we reach for our big goal of bringing Christian hope to every home in WA.

God, being a God of relationships, influences how we at Sonshine operate and live out our lives. We put wholehearted effort into our relationships with you, churches, ministries, businesses, listeners and the greater community. We’re so happy to have Rodney back with us, to help us grow all of our relationships to connect WA to faith, family and community.


Rodney Olsen

Here’s a Q&A to help you get to know him.

What’s the most important thing we need to know about you?

I’m just an ordinary guy who owes everything to an extraordinary God who has poured out more grace than I could ever deserve.

Who’s in your family?

Pauline and I have been married for just over 30 years. Our daughter, Emily, is married to Josh and our son, James, lives at home with us.

What do you love doing in your spare time?

I love spending time with family or out cycling with friends. I also enjoy reading but never seem to spend enough time with my Kindle.

Dogs or cats? Why?

I had both for many years but these days it’s cats. Our cats don’t dig up the backyard, bark in the middle of the night or ask to go for a walk every day. They live inside and are always at the door ready to welcome us when we get home.

What have you been doing since you last worked at Sonshine?

Back in 2008, when I was still working at Sonshine, I had the opportunity to travel to see Compassion’s work in Haiti. I decided then that I needed to speak out on behalf of people living in poverty. In late 2013 I left Sonshine to work full-time at Compassion Australia. When I left there in November last year, I’d spent nine years working to see children released from poverty in Jesus’ name across more than 25 countries.

What inspired you to return?

One of the things that has driven me for many years is the desire to engage with those who are facing a life without hope. The last few years have shaken the very foundations of so many people in our community. But those of us who know Jesus have a hope that goes beyond circumstances and stretches into eternity. I want that hope to visit every home in my city and beyond. I love the fact that’s a driving desire here at Sonshine. That’s something I want to be part of. I’m excited that I get the opportunity to invite others into that vision.

What are you looking forward to the most about (re)joining the Sonshine team?

I’m excited about being part of a team that is actively and creatively seeking to share hope. As we look at new ways to reach out, we have the opportunity to bring an age-old message to a new generation through multiple new mediums.

Please join us in welcoming Rodney Olsen! Send him a message or DM us on socials.