Robin Williams’ daughter has hit out at the use of AI to recreate her dead father’s distinctive voice and has aligned herself with Hollywood writers who’ve been protesting the growing use of AI in the movie industry.

But recreating a deceased actor’s voice is just the tip of the AI iceberg. Already, companies are seeking to license ‘digital twins’ of famous figures in history like Malcolm X, James Dean, and Amelia Earhart. AI-powered computer-generated imagery (CGI) uses archival film, photos, and audio of famous dead people to generate digital clones who can walk, talk, and interact on screen.

Digital clone technology goes far beyond deep-fake tech, which superimposes a famous face onto a real body. And it raises many questions; like who owns the rights to someone’s persona after death and shouldn’t we just let them rest in peace?

Listen to Leah’s chat with Futurologist, Professor Rocky Scopelliti.