According to Robbie Williams a “1 in 174,240,000” event happened while performing in Budapest over the weekend. As part of his tour, Robbie randomly selects one person in the audience to come to the front and meet him during each show. At this gig, Robbie chose a man and once he arrived at the stage Robbie realised, he had already met him! Robbie played at the same venue 20 years ago, and it was this exact same man that Robbie brought on stage! That’s right, the exact same person, exact same location, two decades apart.

Now, we’re not sure if the “1 in 174,240,000” stat is mathematically accurate or if Robbie Williams came up with it for embellishment purposes, but it’s a stroke of luck all the same!

Robbie took to Instagram to share photos of each of these special nights.


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Bec and Jeziel wondered what it was about this man that caught the eye of the decorated artist.

“He’s tall, he just looks like an average guy wearing average clothes,” said Bec.

Jeziel joked that maybe he should’ve let someone else go up. “Seeing as how he’d been chosen once, maybe he should’ve kept his hands down.”

If you were in this man’s shoes, would you take the opportunity to go up to the stage a second time? Let us know! Message us on socials.