As a participant in Pray Together WA, you choose how you wish to experience this time. You can either jump onto the Facebook LIVE feed on our profile page, via the website or listen to 98five fm. The main difference between the online feed and fm radio feed is your ability to interact in this time of prayer. Online comments made through Facebook will be constantly reviewed in order that we pray in line with what people are sensing from God across the state. If you are not a Facebook user, don’t worry you can still comment via the website under the live feed.

The official start time is 5pm, however the online feed will begin from 4:30pm so we can get setup, and the feed can be shared across our state. The format of our 90 minutes together will be structured across the theme ‘Faith, Hope and Love’, and various leaders across our city will lead short times of prayer across specific topics so that our prayer can be focused and united. As we bring our Amen from wherever we are in WA.