Last year, Post Malone spent $800,000 on a rare Black Lotus card signed by the artist who drew it.

Image: Magic The Gathering

It was the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card purchase until now. It is rumoured that he paid $2 million for ‘The One Ring’ a one of a kind card released in June. According to Lord of the Rings, the One Ring was forged in the fires of Mount Doom for the l sorcerer Sauron. Now the trading card embodiment has landed in the hands of the American musician.

He purchased the single-print card from TikTok user Brook Trafton, who posted a video on social media after finding the card. In the video, which has racked up nearly 4 million views, Trafton’s hand shakes as he examines the mint condition card. “LOOK WHAT I FOUND! LET’S GOOOO!” He was tempted to keep the card for himself but thought selling it could be life-changing. “I just really hoped it would go to someone who would appreciate it as much as I do.”

The purchase price for the card hasn’t been disclosed, but it has been reported that the card received a $2 million bounty when it was first released in the Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth set in late June.