Perth’s Drea Onamade performed on Australian Idol’s first live show of the season, joining the top 12 contestants. The atmosphere was electric, with Drea expressing her excitement and nerves before her performance. “It was exhilarating. I literally had butterflies like the most positive butterflies I’ve ever had. I was just so excited to get up there and just perform and sing and have a fun time.”

Drea’s dad Nigel, from The Gospel Show here on Sonshine, was seen among the cheering crowd, joined by her mum and little sister. “It’s really nice to have him supporting me as much as he does. And you know, he loves his music as you can tell…So to have him by my side, it’s been really special.

Being part of the West Australian contingent alongside Amy Reeves and TJ Simba felt like a piece of home for Drea. Having fellow West Aussies around provided a sense of familiarity and comfort. “WA is so far away from everything. So being here in Sydney, but still having people that understand what it’s like to be in WA, it feels like a little piece of home with you, which is really sweet.”

Navigating the whirlwind of press and publicity accompanying her journey on Australian Idol, Drea remains grateful for the outpouring of support from her various communities. “I have so many wonderful communities that I’m a part of. My students, my friends, my family, my sporting communities, my primary school, and they’re also pushing and backing me as well.”

Looking ahead, Drea humbly requests support from her fans. Encouraging votes and social media engagement in her quest to reach the top 10. “I don’t get to see everybody’s post but just know that I’m so grateful and I’m so honoured to be representing WA and Sonshine and everything else WA.”

We’re super excited that, thanks to votes from people like you, Drea advanced to the top ten after voting was completed Tuesday night. We look forward to seeing how far she can advance through the competition! Keep voting for her as Australian Idol continues, by texting ‘DREA’ to the number 0457 500 700. You can also follow her on InstagramTiktok and Facebook!