Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas is thinking about removing Perth’s most famous piece of public art.

The statue, commonly known as the ‘Perth Cactus‘ was installed in Forrest Place in 2011. It was created by James Angus, a Perth-based artist, after he won an international competition to produce an artwork for the site. Basil Zempilas said the cactus would have to be moved to make way for a remodel of Forrest Place.

 The impending Carillon Arcade demolition and redevelopment provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to remodel Forrest Place. It’s a grand old civic space but for much of the year it’s too harsh. We need more trees, more shade, and more grass to make it more inviting. And it might be time for the cactus to go.” 

But he assured that fans of the cactus should not be worried. “A redevelopment of the site is planned to take place at Forrest Place that would mean the cactus would have to be temporarily relocated,” he said. It’s actually a symbol of a heart rhythm and not a cactus so I wonder if it would be better suited at one of Perth’s two hospitals because of the medical connection.”

What would you liked removed from Perth? Listen to Bec and Asa’s full chat below!