A penguin has become a ‘guide-bird’ for a fellow penguin with poor vision, escorting her around their enclosure to get food and helping her build confidence.

The animal helper named ‘Penguin’ has bonded with ‘Squid’ the three-year-old that suffers from cataracts. A condition that clouds the lens of the eye. When Squid was hatched, she displayed the typical lively and vocal traits of a penguin chick. Despite developing cataracts at just six weeks old.

Squid is often disoriented during busy feeding times and relies on Penguin to be her eyes. Penguin has become Squid’s beacon, guiding her around the enclosure and acting as her ‘eyes’. They are now inseparable to the delight of their human keepers at Birdworld who are sharing their remarkable relationship.

“The intuitive behaviour observed between Penguin and Squid has revealed a remarkable level of empathy and understanding, showcasing the profound connections that can form within the animal kingdom,” said Polly Branham a spokesperson for the aviary in Surrey, England.
Squid used to be quite anxious about approaching the fish bucket at feeding time. “The excitement of the other penguins created a more unpredictable environment, and she would shy away from this for fear of getting caught in the crossfire of beaks,” explained Branham.
“That is how Penguin has been such an enormous help to her. His stability was something she could rely on, the base from which she has steadily expanded her world.”