In the world of reading, paper books are still the crowd favourite, even among the younger crowd.

By 2027, about 1.87 billion people worldwide will still be flipping pages, while e-reader users are expected to hit 1.2 billion. In the U.S. print books are holding strong with a whopping 788.7 million units sold in 2022. Surprisingly, despite the digital craze, a 2021 survey found that 68% of young readers (ages 18 to 29) in the U.S. prefer the feel of a real book.

Paper books outsell e-books

E-book sales are climbing steadily in the U.S., showing a 3.7% uptick in revenue, hitting $85 million in January 2023 versus January 2022. And let’s not forget about Amazon’s Kindle, which almost owns the e-reader game with a whopping 72% market share.

Interestingly, between 2021 and 2023, the price gap between eBooks and hardcovers on Amazon shot up by 75%, making eBooks a more budget-friendly choice. Despite the digital buzz, paperbacks and hardcovers are still holding their own, giving us a mixed bag of reading preferences in the modern era.

Do you prefer paper books or e-books?