“I am not a Christian, however I like the positivity of the station and all the references to God and helping others who are less fortunate. It is a pleasant station to listen to, whilst doing chores around the house. I enjoy the music of both past and present and the informal chats and laughter of the presenters. If one is feeling a little down, the little inspirational sayings do give one a feeling of hope that things will get better soon. I came across Sonshine when I was searching for a radio station to listen to as I come from Victoria, and the uniqueness of the stories and the constant mention of it being a family caught my attention. It fills a gap in my life. Keep up the good work!” – Sarah

We hear that often, “I tune in even though I’m not religious”. In fact, over 30% of our listeners have no other Christian connection other than tuning into Sonshine. That means in no other situation can they be reminded that there is a God that loves them, that today has meaning, and that their life has purpose. And we actually love that our Sonshine Family is made up of all different kinds of people. Believers and non-believers, across generations, from an assortment of countries and backgrounds, because the Sonshine Family is open to anyone.

We know how important community is and that there are so many isolated, lonely people in our city. So we strive to be a place where any person will be able to find a friend. Because life is always better with company alongside. To laugh, cry, dig down deeper in the journey of faith or even just enquire about beliefs. Sonshine is dedicated to walking with you and your family on whatever your journey may be.

If you value Sonshine, if this radio station has made a difference in your life in some way make a tax-deductible donation now to Sonshine’s Radiothon.


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