Our go-to giants in Pemberton, the Gloucester Tree and Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, just hit the pause button. These leafy wonders are taking a siesta for the next 12 months, thanks to some tech advice they need to figure out.

Don’t Panic, the Department of Biodiversity are not waving the permanent closure flag just yet. They’re working hard to preserve these natural wonders and the epic climbing experience that comes with them.

Climbing these towering Karri trees is a major draw-card for the adventurist tourists as there are no harnesses, so you’re on your own risk-wise.

Earlier this year, they jazzed up Gloucester Tree, did some re-pegging, and made it climbable up to a whopping 42 metres! But, the upper platforms stayed off-limits for some extra eyeballing.

So, while our leafy buddies take a breather, let’s hope they come back stronger and taller than ever!

Check out what Bec and BT had to say on this below!