If you hadn’t realised by now, 98five is a family station, but we are first and foremost a Christian radio station. We believe in a grand creator called God. We believe God came down to Earth in Jesus to save us from death. To show us a new way to live, a Jesus shaped way to live.

God, through Jesus, showed how it is possible for everyone to have an intimate and personal relationship with God, irrespective of race, gender, religion, sexuality, political persuasion and other labels that can divide us.

In the climate that the world is in right now, under the cloud of COVID-19, some of us will begin to reflect on our relationship with those around us whom we love, and the God above who loves us. Other people will turn to God for the first time, because this pandemic has the potential to challenge the world view we once held so tightly.

One thing that our God, Jesus, encouraged us to do is pray to him – in all seasons: summer and winter, through good and bad times, during the storm and during the harvest. Prayer during times of great abundance and health, and prayer amidst times of great sickness, when all we have left are the clothes on our back.

So right now, we are going to pray over the city of Perth, the nation of Australia, and the world we live in. For those who believe, please join your hearts with ours. For those who aren’t sure, let the words you hear freely flow over you and saturate your heart. For those who don’t believe, stay listening, because these words will resonate in your mind.


Heavenly Father, we come to you right now amongst a cloud of uncertainty,

COVID-19 has spread amongst your people,

It has scaled mountains, crossed borders, entered countries, and traversed oceans,

Male and female, young and old,

It has entered homes, schools, governments, hospitals, sporting clubs and more,

As a people united, we cry out, do not be far from us God,

Come quickly to help us, (Psalm 38:21)


For those who are currently afflicted by this virus, we ask for the miraculous,

May lungs be restored to full health, headaches dissolved, body aches disbanded,

For anyone battling symptoms, God bring restoration and health,

For those who are battling far worse: cancers, tumours, strokes, may you lay your healing hand upon them Jesus,

When we cry out to you for help, may your response be “I am Willing” (Matthew 8:3)


We lift up to you the medical professionals across our nation and around the world,

May you bless their gifted hands,

For GP’s, doctors, surgeons, nurses and specialists, may you give them insight to treat those afflicted effectively, sustain their efforts with an enduring energy,

May the spread of this virus not overwhelm our medical facilities,


For the margins of our societies, we ask for protection,

Shelter the elderly and vulnerable from this sickness under your wings, may it not cross the threshold of their homes, (Psalm 91:4)

For those who have nowhere to lay their head, may you not only protect them but whisper to the hearts of those right now who have the resources to give them shelter,

For the single mums, and single dads who can’t spare time off work for their kids, surround them with friends and relatives who are able to care for their children during this time,

For those worried about finances during this time, business owners concerned about their livelihood, may you financially provide for them,


For the recently widowed, for those who have lost a loved one through coronavirus or otherwise, may you sit next to them Jesus and weep with them (John 11:35)

Prompt friends and family to surround them, to grieve with them, to cook for them, and to love them,

And when the time is right God, bestow upon them a crown of beauty. Anoint them with your oil of joy, and clothe them in a garment of praise (Isaiah 61)


For our world leaders during this time, we ask for you to generously pour out your wisdom upon them God,

For Scott Morrison, Mark McGowan, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, and hundreds more. You know who they are,

May you help them to govern your people safely during this unsure time,

May they seek to care for the orphaned, the widowed, the refugee, the poor, and the oppressed, (Exodus 22:21)


For those who have felt a rise in stress, depression and anxiety during this time,

Or who have been battling this for some time,

We ask for respite and reprieve,

May their hearts be troubled no longer (John 14:1)

May they be free in their minds like the birds of the sky who have no worries (Matthew 6:26)

Fill their minds with everything true, noble, lovely, pure and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8)


We are nothing without You, God,

You are the masterful author and creator of everything we have, everything seen and unseen,

The vast mountains, the wild forests, the gentle autumn rains, and the air we breathe is yours,

The ones we love, and the ones we find hard to love all came from your creative hands,

We are all brothers and sisters, so may we share with our brothers and sisters now,

No hoarding, no gathering more than we need,

Jesus, may we be inspired by your generous sacrifice you made on the cross for all of us,

May the spirit of selfishness no longer find a home in the hearts of people around the world,

In this time, may generosity flourish among neighbours and strangers, ensuring we all have enough, starting right now in Perth, and spreading far quicker and wider than this virus ever will,

We ask all of this in your beautiful name God, Amen

We invite you to share this prayer with your own community. Download it here or share it on Facebook.

The Breakfast Team (in March 2020) pray against COVID-19.