Many children in the world don’t know where their next meal is coming from. They rely on good hearted Christians in Australia and other western countries to help answer their prayers. Feed The Hungry is a Christian Non-Profit Charity dedicated to feeding the poor and hungry around the world. They empower the church worldwide, and share the hope that comes through Jesus Christ. Since 1987 they’ve worked in over 93 countries around the world, getting life-saving food to those who need it most.Take Away Hunger Day 2023: Give $6 and feed a refugee child for a month

Uganda is currently hosting one and a half million refugees from surrounding countries surrounding. Most of them come from South Sudan, which has been in a civil war decades. So these children have fled from their homes and looked for safety in Uganda. Ben Evans, CEO of Feed the Hungry, shared that all the children they feed have faced terrible hardships.

“They fled for their life. They can’t even travel on public transport. They can’t travel on the road because of roadblocks. So they’re actually walking through the bush. These children may have travelled in a group but not the whole group arrived at the destination. And I’ve met many, many, many children who have seen their parents killed in front of them through this journey. So they arrived in Uganda just absolutely shattered.”

On August 24, we are partnering with Feed the Hungry to help these children in need. For just $6 you can feed one of these children for an entire month. Your donation will also provide much more than a meal. “We actually provide these meals in a school environment. So we’re encouraging these children to come and get an education, because that will help them get out of the poverty cycle, and help them build a better future.” 

As a Christian organisation, they also have a chance to share the gospel and remind them that Jesus actually loves them. “We’re giving the children a full life, we’re filling their bellies, we’re feeding their soul through an education, but we’re also feeding their heart when we tell them that Jesus loves them.”

You can learn more about Feed the Hungry or make a donation here. Listen to Ben’s full chat with Dan below.