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Lion steals camera and shoots hilarious POV video

Ahmed spotted the lioness walking alone and realised it could be a good opportunity to get some footage. “I wanted to see if she would check the camera out.” The video shows the moment the lion spotted the stick with the camera attached, and cautiously made her way towards it. She bumped her nose against the lens then grabbed it between her teeth. Ahmed admitted he was worried about getting the camera back when the lioness first took off with it. “We managed to chase after the lioness, and she dropped the camera. Although it had a few scratches, the GoPro still functioned.”

Escaped 100-year-old tortoise reunited with his family

A 100-year-old tortoise was reunited with his family after escaping during a windstorm and being found in a canal. Animal control officers were summoned on a report of a tortoise in distress. The tortoise was humanely contained, loaded into the truck and safely transported to an animal shelter. The shelter was able to reunite the tortoise, named Biscuit, with his owners. Biscuit’s owner, said the tortoise escaped when strong winds and rain broke the latch on his back gate and it swung open.