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An Italian restaurant has come up with a hilarious way to deal with abuse from customers.

Tony and Anna Bizzintino have owned Big T’s Italian located in Port Kennedy in the south of Rockingham for three-and-a-half years. After dealing with an aggressive customer, Tony decided to buy a box of Snickers. He wrote on Facebook: “Our new policy will be, if for any reason you feel the need to scream at our staff or are that hangry that it is impossible to control your emotions, we will offer you a Snickers to take the edge off. Don’t be offended. You aren’t you when you’re hungry.” Referencing the iconic Snickers ads where an angry Betty White or Mr Bean is offered a Snickers bar.

A serial Guinness World Record-breaker teamed up with a social media star to break the world record for most hugs in one minute.

David Rush has broken more than 250 Guinness World Records. He teams up with Josh Horton, a TikTok star with 30 world record titles of his own. The duo decided to take on the record for most hugs in a minute by a pair. Rush and Horton said they hugged 153 times in the one-minute time limit.