Kirste and Dan served up your daily dish of news.

Dan’s story: A woman was refused entry into a Gold Coast restaurant because of her tattoos.

Katie Hally was planning a night out to celebrate her friend’s birthday at the Burleigh Pavilion in Gold Coast on Saturday. But after making her way inside the venue, she was called back to the entrance by security who told her that she wasn’t allowed in due to their tattoo policy. Which says guests with tattoos are allowed to enter unless they are ‘intimidating, aggressive or offensive’.

Facebook/Katie Haly

Ms Hally has Chinese lettering tattooed along her upper back which translates to ‘family, love and happiness‘. She was then asked to leave by the manager and return once she had covered up. “I understand why the policy exists, but the manager could have used her discretion. S, she could have been more caring and assessed people on a case-by-case basis but they didn’t.”

Kirste’s story: ‘Hank the Tank’, the bear behind 21 home invasions has been captured

The 500-pound bear, believed to be behind a string of home invasions, has been captured. After causing at least 21 home break-ins and extensive property damage to California residents. As long as she’s deemed healthy, she’ll be relocated to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, officials said.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Her three cubs, which were with her during recent break-ins were also successfully captured. cubs will be rehabilitated “in hopes they can discontinue the negative behaviours they learned from the sow and can be returned to the wild.”