Kirste and Dan served up your daily dish of news.

Kirste’s story: A video went viral of a crowded water park in China

China has endured a scorching summer this year, with many doing what they can to cool down. But with a population of 1.4 billion, it’s very easy for places to become crowded. A video filmed at the Daqing Heiyu Lake Water Park in Heilongjiang shows swimmers equipped with inflatable rings tightly squashed together. Staff told local media the scenes depicted are common on weekends.

Source: Weibo

Dan’s story: New Jersey power outage caused by falling fish

A large section of a New Jersey town was without power for several hours and officials said the cause was a fish dropped by a bird of prey. Crews working to restore power discovered a fish had landed on a transformer, causing it to explode. A police official said: “The hypothesis is that a bird dropped it. It just landed perfectly and destroyed the transformer.”

Photo: Sayreville Police Department/Facebook