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A lawyer has warned shoppers not to use self-checkouts.

Lindsey Granados, a Criminal Defence Attorney, warned how shoppers have been charged with larceny, even though they did not mean to steal anything. She explained that sometimes the self-checkout machine does not pick up items meaning some of her clients are charged with the misdemeanour, even though it was the machine’s fault. “Those machines are faulty in a lot of ways and they are not particularity sensitive and they will unfortunately not scan items from time to time. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve talked with that have been charged with larceny, because one of those machines didn’t scan appropriately.”

@ldbglawyer Self-scanning checkout machines: It’s a trap! Be careful! #larceny #legal #legaladvice #tiktoklawyer #Lawyer #lawyertiktok #walmart #target #shopping #watchout #becareful ♬ original sound – Lindsey Granados

The world’s most expensive motor home.

The vehicle decked out with a garage, wine fridge, and massage chairs is currently priced at $1.5 million! An EV charger can also be installed if the owner has an electric vehicle, and another unique feature of the garage is that it is home to a washer and dryer so you can do laundry on the go. Some of the motorhome’s other exterior features include an integrated awning offering protection from the sun, an automated fold-down staircase and a storage space large enough to house a surfboard.