Residents living in Porirua, a small town in New Zealand, are dealing with a pretty crazy situation. ‘Siren Kings’ are cruising around late at night blasting Celine Dion.

These drivers have rigged their car’s stereo system with sirens fitted to the outside of the vehicle. They love blasting Celine Dion’s powerful ballads, such as ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’. They especially love her songs because they have high treble and less bass, making it easier for them to turn up the volume without subwoofers.

The whole town, with around 60,000 people, gets to hear these tunes echoing throughout the valley. Which bounces the sound back and forth. Can you imagine that? It’s been causing a stir, with nearly 150 noise complaints made to the police in the last year.

The mayor, Anita Baker, mentioned that the police have limited powers to stop this kind of activity happening. “Often the sirens and noise are spontaneous and we can’t control where this happens. We’ll continue to work with all the parties involved – including the siren clubs – to try to find solutions.”

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