Many of us are keen to get that healthy, clean, shiny hair look. Not only that, we want a product that’s going to do it all, is inexpensive and good for the environment. As we peruse the hair care aisle at the local supermarket, we’re really looking for a miracle in a bottle. What if, what we’re looking for could be found, not in a bottle, but a bar?

Naturopath Mel joined Mike on Table Talk to discuss what most Shampoo is really doing to our hair, and the possible alternatives. The Shampoo bar: A product you may not have thought of when it comes to grooming your luscious locks. Mel said, “it’s a lot healthier for your hair, the environment and your wallet!”

We got the inside scoop on the Shampoo bar she uses: Shampoo with a Purpose. It is lovingly made in OZ (New South Wales). But that’s just one Shampoo Bar company, shop around, there are plenty out there!

Mel also emphasised the importance of checking iron levels and considering factors such as thyroid function, protein intake, and hormonal changes. She recommended key nutrients like biotin and zinc for promoting hair growth.

Listen back to Naturopath Mel and her chat with Mike on all her tips for healthy hair…