Getting a table at a busy café can be a real challenge. One woman has shared her secret on how she handles this situation, but not everyone is on board with her method.

She was out shopping with her children when they decided to grab some food. They entered a busy café but there were no tables available. Later they returned an sat down at an empty table before heading to the counter to order.

We realised a couple at the counter were complaining about us to the waitress. Apparently, they had been about to sit at our table, and as it was the last one available in there they now had nowhere to sit. Staff were very good and moved things around to get them some chairs. But they spent the whole time in there tutting and giving us dirty looks.”

She explained that she prefers finding a table before ordering at busy restaurants or cafés. “If we waited in line with the kids and then went to find a table and couldn’t get one we would be stuck. The kids are too young to take the food or drink as takeout.” After the incident took place she felt uncomfortable and felt like she did do something wrong.

One person commented: “Food first then table, exceptions, elderly or pregnant“.  Another said: “I vote table first then food. I’m not going to order food if there isn’t a table.”

Others put the blame on the café: “This is one of those that always divides people. It’s why it’s helpful if the venue has clear ‘please find a table before ordering’ style signs to make it clear.

Do you find a table before ordering. Or do you order first and then find a table?