Tania Watson from Riverview Church joined Bec and Jeziel to talk about the gift of saying hello.

In his book ‘In the Shelter’ poet and theologian, Padraig O Tuama, discussed the idea of saying hello to circumstances. “Basically, what he’s saying is, wherever you are today you are here. So you might as well say hello to whatever it is you are confronting.” Even on days when you are feeling stressed or anxious say hello.

Saying hello is more than about being present, there is power in naming something. When we can name fear or anxiety it loses its control over us and opens up the possibility of change. “I can think of some traumatic times in my life where I’ve gone, hello to awful diagnosis. It’s happened to you anyway so you might as well say hello to it. By saying hello you are opening up the possibility of something different. You are not paralysed by it.”

“God reveals himself to us as the God of the I am. I am here, I am with you. So in difficult circumstances, it opens the doors to remind me that God is here. His help is there his comfort is there.”

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