A Melbourne Catholic school has banned a popular hairstyle, the mullet.

Janine Biggin, principal of Emmanuel College, wrote to parents and students saying ‘excessive hairstyles’ such as mullets and dreadlocks are not acceptable at the school. Explaining that students should be held accountable for not adhering to the personal grooming and uniform policy.

Angry students slammed the uniform changes as over the top and irrelevant to their education. “Why is the uniform and the appearance of students much more important than their education and well-being?” They wrote in an open letter to the school.

“Dreadlocks are commonly worn by people of colour, and due to them being deemed as unacceptable, it raises questions and concerns of racial bias within the college.” Referencing the mullet ban, the students said it was a ‘popular Australian hairstyle’ and it was unclear why it was prohibited. “Many students have mullet hairstyles already despite the expectations and are often not extreme.”

The new policy, outlined in a four-page document on the college’s website, also bans makeup, nail polish, fake nails and eyelashes and says earrings should be limited to a ‘single, simple ear-stud’ only.

“When students make a choice not to observe these standards, they are choosing to disregard college expectations and staff will be obliged to issue consequences to assist the student to be responsible for their choices.” The principal replied.

Do you think mullets should be banned? Listen to Bec and Asa’s chat below!