Something magical is about to begin!

Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s supercalifragilistic new production of Mary Poppins is flying into Crown Theatre. The story has been adapted from the beloved books by PL Travers and the original film, the world’s favourite Nanny comes to life on stage in a spectacular and unforgettable production.

Tom Wren, who plays Mr Banks, says people can expect a spectacular show. “I think most people kind of feel the story is more complex than the movie. But it’s just a beautiful show and it’s got incredible songs and dance numbers. I’m yet to meet anyone who has walked out of the theatre, not saying that was one of the best, if not the best thing they’ve ever seen.

Tom has done Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Wentworth and Winners and Losers just to name a few. But now he is bringing his own experiences to his character, George Banks. “I just have a lot of fun bringing my experience with my father and sort of variations of what fatherhood has been like through through the generations. My part of the story is becoming a modern dad and what that means.”

His favourite song of the whole show is Step in Time. “I think it’s one of the most extraordinary dance number sequences that exists on stage. I’m just offstage waiting to go on and I can see the audience’s face when that number is on and everyone’s mouths are agape like they’re in shock. It’s just the best.”

You can book your tickets here! Listen to Tom Wren’s full chat with Kirste and Dan below.