A man recently shared his shock upon realising that he accidentally donated $15,000 instead of the intended $150 to a charity. Michael explained that he and his wife were neighbours with a retired veteran named Joe.

He wrote: “For context, Joe is a white American guy and he’s also a devout Hindu priest. One day I ran into Joe in my hallway, and he told me about this charity he manages for a community in Bangladesh. I wanted to support my neighbour and the charity, so I asked Joe to send me the GoFundMe link.

The next he went on to the GoFundMe page and donated $150, or so he thought. Moments later he got a text on his phone warning him of an unusually large transaction on his credit card. He opened the message and it said he had made a payment of $15,041 to GoFundMe!

Immediately I’m sweating. How could I have donated fifteen thousand dollars? I spend the next 10-15 minutes retracing my steps, and finally, I realise my credit card starts with the numbers 4 and 1. It seems I had accidentally started typing my credit card information while my cursor was still in the donation box, and just like that 150 became 15041. Yikes.

Realising his mistake, Michael promptly contacted GoFundMe’s support and was told this sort of thing happens often and could easily be fixed. However, the charity would still see the $15,000 donation go in before being refunded.

Michael continued: “I told him that’s a big problem, as the entire GoFundMe had hardly raised that much at that point. Surely they will notice their fundraiser doubling overnight? My plan was to knock on Joe’s door the following morning to give him the full story so that he could pass it along to his contacts in Bangladesh.”

But when he woke up the next morning, he looked at his phone and saw he had 40+ Facebook notifications. He opened the first message, and a man from Bangladesh had sent him a video surrounded by dozens of impoverished and hungry people holding bags of food, thanking him for his generous donation.

Part of me wants to scream, part of me wants to crack up laughing. I start swiping through the man’s messages, and it is picture after picture after picture of poor Bangladeshis thanking me for my kind donation.”

Ridden with guilt, Michael decided to $1,500 instead. “The charity’s host was incredibly gracious and understanding, and he explained to me that $1,500 goes very far in Bangladesh for urgent food relief. Ultimately I think the whole experience was a win-win. I helped a great cause, and I got a funny story out of it.”

Michael shared the hilarious story on Reddit, which encouraged thousands of other people to donate. The charity has now received over $90,000 in donations!