Isaac, Brooke and Lulu won $490,000 after conquering the peak in The Summit.

Facing a gruelling 14-day deadline in the Alps of New Zealand’s South Island, Brooke, Lulu and Isaac reached the summit and were triumphant They were up against dangerous terrain and obstacles as they attempted to conquer the mountain and win their shot at one million dollars. In a shocking ending, the 11 trekkers who were voted out were allowed to decide how the prize money would be shared. Isaac was granted a massive $250,000, Brooke $150,000, and Lulu $90,000.

Lulu Hawton is a former professional skateboarder and two-time world champion boxer. Now she can add completing The Summit to her list of achievements. “I would do it all over again. It was so much fun. I really had a great time. I loved it love being pushed and the people I was out there with were actually quite a strong group. So friends were made and an amazing experience”

Listen to her full conversation with Kirste and Dan below!