Lulu Hawton is a former professional skateboarder and two-time world champion boxer. Now she is taking a whole new challenge on Channel Nine’s ‘The Summit’. Their newest reality show where a group of contestants have to reach the top of a mountain. Each contestant has a backpack with a portion of $1,000,000. Contestants must work together to reach the top within fourteen days so they can split the money. She joined Kirste and Dan to tell us about her career and joining the Summit.

Lulu was told to join the show by her friend who works for Women in Sports WA. “She was like, Lulu I’ve got this email. They’re looking for someone who is a woman. You’d be perfect for this. So She flicked it on to me and the rest is history.”

She became a professional boxer at age 30, after having two kids. “I went into a gym with a friend and I fell in love with it. I missed that whole feeling of being a professional athlete and competing. I was like, this is my second chance to become a world champion. Because in skateboarding, I felt like I fell short of my own dreams and goals. So this is another opportunity and I’m going for it.”

So the only thing that worried her when taking on the Summit was the creepy crawlies. “I don’t like snakes and the sandflies were the only thing that was eating us alive. We all look like we had some kind of disease like it was nasty”

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