Lucas Jones, a talented local folk, indie, and rock singer/songwriter, recently graced the studio for Sonshine Sessions, our latest local music segment. With influences drawn from the likes of Mumford & Sons, Lucas captivated us with his dramatic and melancholic tunes. Join us as we enjoy the two remarkable songs he performed My Repost and From Now On.


During his mesmerising Sonshine Sessions performance, Lucas revealed the first song he played My Repost, which delved into his spiritual journey and the rediscovery of his faith. With heartfelt lyrics and a stirring melody, Lucas took us on an introspective exploration of his relationship with Jesus.

Lucas Jones Sonshine Sessions

The second song performed, From Now On, was inspired by his sister and the transformative power of growing up. Through delicate yet powerful guitar strums and heartfelt vocals, he painted a vivid musical portrait of sibling bonds and the nostalgia of childhood.

Lucas Jones Sonshine Sessions

You can catch Lucas Jones live tomorrow night, May 27th, at Sessions at Fremantle Church.

Catch up on BT’s chat with Lucas Jones below