In a recent fashion spectacle that left many scratching their heads, Louis Vuitton unveiled a pair of peculiar boots designed to mimic a woman’s leg. Complete with white ankle socks and a black stiletto. Priced at $2,500 and available in only two skin tone options, these optical illusion knee-highs have been aptly described as “weird stuff” by fashion influencer Isabelle Allain.

Isabelle took to her social media platform to share the unboxing of the boots. Giggles ensued as she pulled out the designer footwear from Louis Vuitton’s trademark orange box, recounting that she had been eyeing them since their runway debut a year ago.

The boots are part of a series of playful and viral pieces that have captured the internet’s attention, such as MSCHF’s Big Red Boots and the meme-worthy micro Louis Vuitton-esque handbag. According to the product description of the “Illusion” boots, this head-scratching design from the fashion house’s FW23 collection pays homage to the surrealist art movement.

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Critics flooded the comments, with one user exclaiming, “You spent LV money on those?” Another user humorously referred to the shoes’ bulkiness as “LV cankles.” The debate among followers showcased a divide between those questioning the extravagance of luxury fashion and those appreciating the boundary-pushing designs regardless of their peculiarity.

In the end, these Louis Vuitton Illusion Boots proved that, no matter how unconventional or outrageous a product may seem, if it bears the stamp of a luxury brand, there will always be those willing to make it a part of their collection.

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