Stan Grant is correct in saying that the quality of public discourse has become too inflammatory and extreme.

This is exacerbated by social media and the ability of people to stream content whenever they want, causing many of us to live in echo chambers – never having to listen to someone with opposing views. How do we then create a better society when the only views we hear are those that make us feel good, where we shout down any differing views, regardless of whether they have merit or not?

How do we learn to listen to fresh information from different sources when we label anyone who disagrees with us as fascists, nazis, and imbecilic? Negotiation Expert, Elise Margow, says it’s time to bring back reasonable public discourse, learn how to have those hard conversations, and listen to views that don’t always conform with our own.

“Nobody owns the truth, and we don’t know everything. So, if you start on the premise that I’m going to listen to someone, not necessarily because they’re going to tell me something I’m going to agree with, but it’s something they might say that I can learn from, that’s always a good thing.”

Listen to her full conversation with Leah below.