By Producer Rachel.

A few things have been basically wiped off Aussie shelves since we went into strict isolation. Of course, there was the toilet paper, then home workout equipment and now puzzles. I guess we’re all trying to avoid the binge-watching trap induced by Netflix’s autoplay feature.

Let me know if you’re the same, but my Instagram story feed has been full of my friends documenting their puzzle progress. Some seem to be seriously talented puzzle masters. While others seem to have gotten more frustration than joy out of the activity.

After I sat down with my family for an afternoon and got through a 1000 piece puzzle, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it! It was more satisfying than I expected, and there was something oddly enjoyable about the four of us sitting in silence, working away at our little sections.

Of course, some puzzles are easier than others. Even though the one we did was only 1000 pieces, the box didn’t show the finished picture… it showed a mirror reflection of what the finished picture would be, so you had to use your imagination. Yes, before you ask, I’ll admit we did crack and Google the answer.

But there is a fine line between a fun challenge and torture. I’ve seen puzzles that are all one colour or puzzles with no edges or extra pieces. What kind of mind creates something like that let alone try to complete it!

But Kodak literally takes the cake with their latest puzzle.

They’ve broken the recorded for largest puzzle ever with their 51,300 piece, 8 metre wide, 2 metre tall monstrosity. The pieces come together to create 27 wonders of the world, so it’s basically 27 puzzles in 1!

puzzle by Kodak - 50,000 pieces

Honestly, when I saw the image of the box, I got lightheaded.

But if you’d like to take it on, GOOD LUCK and also get ready to fork out about $600 to pay for it.

Are you interested in this kind of challenge? Or would you politely decline like me? Let us know on our socials!