Do you remember the day, or even the moment that you were introduced to hope?

Not just the hope that things might be better tomorrow, but a living hope that assures you of a certain, imperishable hope. You may have been introduced to hope by a friend, a parent, a workmate, or anyone else who already knew that hope has a name…Jesus.

As our society becomes increasingly secular, who will introduce hope to those who desperately need it right now? Who is introducing hope to those people who have no connection to those who follow Jesus?
For over 36 years Sonshine has been introducing listeners to hope. For so many people, listening to Sonshine has been an introduction to wholehearted faith in Jesus.

This year’s end of financial year June appeal is crucial for the ministry of Sonshine.

Not because we’re in financial trouble, but because your partnership with us and other supporters over the last three years has increased the momentum of impact in Perth and WA. Not only have we been able to replace most of our aging IT infrastructure, but importantly invest in the technology and expertise to reach more and more people in WA and beyond. But surveys also show us that over 50% of people in Perth still don’t even know that there is a Christian Media ministry like us. That’s over 1 million people we want to introduce to Christian hope.

As we look around us, we see that mental health statistics in our communities are alarming. Much of mainstream media feeds negativity, panic and hate. There is a growing animosity towards Christian faith and beliefs. This is the environment our young people are having to navigate. So many are facing this confusion without hope.

Let’s decide together to complete the task we have been set. In fact, let’s commit to do everything we can to keep the momentum going so that we can introduce more and more people to hope.
Will you invest in reaching even more lives?

Will you invest in reaching even more lives?

We need to raise $688,000 by the end of June to support the people and resources needed to introduce hope to many more West Australians.

You’ve partnered with us to build an opportunity. The harvest is ready. Now is the time to continue increasing our reach so that more people can be introduced to hope.