Ever been bombarded with the classic “follow your passion” advice, only to wonder, “What the heck is my passion, anyway?” Especially when you’re fresh out of Year 12 exams, the world is like, “Choose now! University or bust!” But hold up – is it time to flip the script and embrace a gap year of self-discovery?

Let’s face it, the pressure to commit to a university, a job, or some grand life plan at the ripe age of 17-18 seems a bit much. The world is changing faster than you can say “adulting,” and maybe, just maybe, it’s okay not to have it all figured out.

Enter Joe Hart, the Organisational Psychologist dropping truth bombs. According to Joe, many of us stumble upon our hidden talents and passions fashionably late in life. So why not cut the young guns some slack? “Let’s dial down the pressure,” Joe suggests. “Instead of pushing them into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ career, let’s help them uncover the right path for them, not just the one society expects.” Now, that’s some wisdom worth pondering.

Listen back to Mike’s conversation with Joe below