An ‘influencer’ bride has been accused of putting her wedding guests’ lives at risk after she covered up the ‘ugly’ exit signs at her reception to maintain a picture-perfect aesthetic.

(Image: @bridgezilla/TikTok)

Fashion influencer Bridget Bahl posted a video on Tiktok showing how she covered the exit signs with a copper plaque. She captioned the video: “I pay attention to things that most people ignore (covered all of the ugly red exit signs to save the wedding photos)”.

In 1911, 146 workers in a Manhattan garment factory were killed during a huge fire. The deaths prompted the National Fire Protection Association to create exits signs so people could quickly get out of buildings during an emergency.

So some people were concerned that she was putting her guests’ lives at risk just for the aesthetic. Including a photographer who said: “Literally speechless, and I promise you, exit signs are not a big deal (for photographers to edit out of images).”

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