The retic story

In 2012, Phil Hepworth had just returned to Perth from his first trip to Tanzania where he had witnessed an old man sitting in a dry, sandy river bed. The man had hand-dug a hole about the size of a large family car in search of water. The man knelt down next to a small shallow, dirty puddle and used a small plate to ladle this milky water into his bucket. Phil observed people sharing dirty water sources with livestock and heard stories firsthand from women who were walking long distances each day to collect water. Some women explained their fear around leaving the safety of their villages and the horrendous situations they had endured. Back in Perth, in between travelling to Africa, Phil was running his own reticulation business. A couple of days before Phil arrived home, his wife Julie would crank up the business and start to fill his diary with appointments. Phil’s first job was at a very nice house in one of Perth’s affluent suburbs. The owner was becoming irate
and stressed because the reticulation sprinkler was broken, creating a brown patch in the beautiful green manicured lawn. At that moment, Phil felt bewildered at the stark contrast between the two countries.

Woman gathers dirty water

This woman has no other option than to gather unclean water for her family to drink.

Phil’s head was swimming. Every 90 seconds, a child dies from waterborne diseases. Yet here, at home in Perth, we could not comprehend what it’s like to be without water.

The solution

Install a well and see lives changed! This simple idea is the foundation of Water for Africa. One well costs $5,000 and provides clean drinking water for 2,000 people for life, forever! That equates to just $2.50 to transform a person’s life.

12 years later

3,739,439 people now have access to clean, safe drinking water through the work of Water for Africa. In just 2021, 50 new wells were drilled, 770,000 people were impacted by clean water and 12,855 people responded to God’s love at the water well through the Outreach Truck. WFA works with and trains local people to participate in the drilling team and assigns a community committee member to take responsibility for the new water project once it is handed over. This ensures the sustainability of the project for years to come.

WFA has also trained and set up an In-Country Repair and Maintenance Team to be part of the solution. The incredible local team work each week, looking, after all newly installed water projects. As well as maintaining all water wells, ensuring they never sit broken and unusable.

Women Water Pump

98five’s Watering Day

In WA we’re so fortunate to have access to clean, safe drinking water. For so many, this is not a possibility… the stark reality is that a child dies every 90 seconds from waterborne diseases. But when there’s a well, there’s a way. Join us for 98five’s Watering Day on March 17 as we join forces with Water for Africa to build life-saving wells in the villages of Tanzania.

At just $2.50 your smallest change can make the biggest change ever! How many people can you supply water for?

Give the life-changing gift of clean drinking water here.

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Isaiah 1:17