Bec and Jeziel are on an adventure to find Bec a new hobby. Bec is obsessed with knitting – it’s basically all she does – and Jeziel thinks she’s too young to be stuck at home knitting all day. So once a week Jeziel will take Bec out to try her hand at something new.

In the first episode of Bec’s New Hobby, the duo head to Sultan’s Treasure to meet Turkish Mosaic Lamp Maker Erdem. Join B&J as they’re guided through this 5000-year-old practice. Then let us know what you think, does Bec have a future in mosaic lamp making?

Light up for Turkey! Mosaic Lamp Class Earth Quake Relief Fundraiser

If you would like to try this new hobby for yourself, check out Sultan’s Treasure’s lamp making workshops. You are provided with everything you need to create your own mosaic lamp, including the lampstand and light bulb. After the 2 hour workshop you’ll walk away with a piece that’s ready to be displayed in your home. For an extra special workshop, check out the Turkish earthquake fundraiser sessions. As Erdem is Turkish, he and his wife are donating all the profits from the events being held on the 23rd and 25th of February to those affected by the disaster.  Find all the event details here.

Stay tuned for episode 2 of Bec’s New Hobby. She’s going to need some serious protective padding for what Jeziel has planned next!