Australians all over the country are waking up to find their favourite Facebook pages have been blocked. Aussies are no longer able to share any local or international news. So all publishers, like 9 News Perth, the ABC etc and even people and pages that share that news (like 98five) have had their pages blocked.

It’s Facebook’s response to the Australian Government’s Media Bargaining Code. Basically our government was attempting to force internet giants (like Facebook and Google) to pay local publishers. Instead, Facebook packed up their toys and left the playground.

Even though Facebook is one of our biggest platforms, this doesn’t mean we can’t connect with you, The Family, anymore. So here are a few ways you can stay connected to 98five content – because we never want to stop having a conversation with you!

How to find 98five content now that Facebook is all whacky


Even though Instagram is owned by Facebook, it seems like the bans will not transfer over to Instagram. Follow us and you’ll get to see lots of behind-the-scenes and different content that what was on our Facebook page!

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Given Facebook is no longer the place for news, if you’re not already on Twitter, now might be a good time to make the move. We’ll use our Twitter feed similarly to our Facebook feed.

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Every single piece of content we’ve ever shared, originates from the homepage on our website. You can find every interview, clever meme and hilarious video from all of the shows in a single place. Bookmark us, so that we’re just a single click away!

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You’ll get the latest yarns from the announcers, messages from CEO Bevan, plus prizes and sponsor offers straight to your inbox. We promise never to spam you. We only send our eNews out every other week, with occasional other ones for SUPER important stuff.
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The Radio

I’m sure you are aware that 98five is first and fore-most a radio station! Engage with our content live as it happens. Turn us on in the car, while you’re working and join in the conversation. You can give the announcers a call or text anytime if you want to chime in on what they’re talking about. Turn the dial to 98.5 or listen in to our digital player on the website.

Studio phone: (08) 9313 0985 Text line: 0429 985 985

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