Pastor Phil Ayres from Kingdomcity, joins us every fortnight to help couples build strong marriages. This week he wanted to talk about how marriages will go through different seasons.

Understanding that your marriage will go through different seasons is so important because your relationship is always transitioning. Even though it might seem like nothing is changing at all. Every person will experience seasons of joy, sorrow, pressure, repetition and change. In relationships, there is the honeymoon season, early childhood, the family development pattern, teen years, and empty nesters. 

Many couples would identify the first year of marriage as the toughest, where you are learning to live together. Or after seven years when you start to feel a loss of passion, boredom or financial struggles. Risk increases at the apex of whenever change is required for a couple to move forward into a new season. There is an opportunity to move in different directions and react in ways that draw us apart. The key here is taking time to reflect and be intentional about what is required from us to move forward together.

How to embrace your seasons as a team

1. Get dressed for the season: put on the right mindset

2. Value the uniqueness of the season: for example little children at home

3. Don’t get stuck and make changes together

4. Work on being a united team through every season

Listen to Pastor Phil’s full chat with Bec below.