Our good mate Andrew “Hammo” Hamilton is a man of many talents, and we usually speak to him once a fortnight to gleam a few minutes of wisdom from the backyard philosopher. But this week we had special, extra time with Hammo to celebrate his nomination for Australian Christian Book of the Year.

Hammo admits that he hasn’t had much time to market the book, so it was with total surprise he woke up one morning to find his name and book associated with the award. “My book would probably sell around 30 copies, maybe a few more, but you know, marketing takes serious effort, and I’m not really into that whole thing.” Yet he believes his ideas will find their way to those who need to hear them.

The Future is Bivocational

So, what’s his book all about? Well, The Future is Bivocational is all about bi-vocational ministry in churches, Pastors who work another job alongside their church responsibilities.

Hammo believes that embracing bi-vocational ministry can create leaders and pastors who are more engaged in the world and their communities, rather than being solely focused on church affairs. He draws a contrast between the traditional approach, where pastors may be recognised for their sermons and church events, to the potential impact of bi-vocational pastors who actively interact with their community through their second vocations.

Andrew Hamilton - The Future is Bivocational - Australian Christian Book of the Year

Hammer openly discusses the misconceptions he once had about bi-vocational ministry, recalling a story about a pastor who had to drive a school bus to support his church. Initially, he believed it was a tough situation forced upon the pastor. However, he later realised that this bi-vocational pastor was deeply connected with the community he served, demonstrating the profound influence such pastors can have in their unique roles.

What’s next?

As for what’s next for Andrew Hamilton, he’s got a bunch of ideas for future writing projects, but he’s been busy selling his business and training the new owners. But he’s looking forward to finding some breathing space in the summer to dig into those ideas.

We’re so excited about the 2023 Australian Christian Book of the Year awards! Whether he wins or not, Hammo’s book is already a winner in our hearts. So, stay tuned for the results, and let’s all cheer on this fantastic author!

Catch up on Kirste and Dan’s conversation with Hammo below: