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Dan’s story: A two-headed snake is turning six.

Photo: Missouri Department of Conservation

The Missouri Department of Conservation will hold sixth birthday party its two headed snake. Tiger-Lily, was found by a family in 2017 then donated to the Department of Conservation. “Both heads want to eat, but they only have one esophagus. We put a small cup over one head while the other eats, then switch. Otherwise, both would be trying to grab the same mouse.” Said Interpretive Center Manager, Alison Bleich

Kirste’s story: Hairy girl summer is here.

In a bid to normalise body hair, women across social media have been posting photos showing it off. “Body hair is coming back into fashion because we are waking up after being indoctrinated by mainstream beauty ideals that hurt women, shame them, and profit off their hang ups.” Said Spanish influencer Calita Fire, who boasts 200,000 followers across TikTok and Instagram.

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