Grammy Award winning artist Larry Mitchell is coming to Perth for Strings Attached: The West Australian Guitar Festival.

“I played it in 2019 and I absolutely loved it. It was a very unique festival with lots of merchants around showing the different guitars…There was a lot of community going last time I met some wonderful people and I got to see Margaret River which is absolutely beautiful.”

Back for it’s highly anticipated fourth year, Strings Attached: The West Australian Guitar Festival is bringing together players, makers and enthusiasts for a weekend of guitar-fuelled entertainment.

Featuring many of Australia’s most prominent guitarists, the festival will offer live performances and exhibitions. As well as demo’s from guitar makers, retailers, gear manufacturers & distributors. Plus workshops, masterclasses and panel Q&A’s with artists in what is set to be an enormous conversion of guitar nuts and music lovers from around the country.

Learn more and book tickets here. Listen to Larry Mitchell’s full conversation with Kirste and Dan below!