On Monday night, an extraordinary event took place at Optus Stadium as part of YouthCARE‘s State Chaplaincy Conference. The Governor’s Chaplaincy Awards, a celebration of the outstanding contributions made by chaplains, was held to recognise their positive impact on individuals, workplaces, and communities. The awards ceremony served as an opportunity for His Excellency the Honourable Christopher Dawson AC APM, to shed light on the incredible work and inspiring stories of chaplains across various industries.

As a patron of YouthCARE, the Governor shared a heartfelt speech during the awards ceremony, expressing his deep appreciation for the chaplains he has encountered throughout his illustrious career. He highlighted the crucial role chaplains play in providing comfort, support, and guidance during individuals’ and families’ most challenging times. The Governor’s words resonated with everyone present, emphasising the profound impact chaplains have on the lives of those they serve.

The Winners:

Governor's Chaplaincy Awards Winners

Governor’s Chaplaincy Awards Winners

Under the guidance of Mrs. Dawson, the judging panel chair, the award finalists and winners were announced for each category. Let’s take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable winners of the 2023 Governor’s Chaplaincy Awards:

  1. Community Connection Award: Winner: Helena Donohoe
  2. Outstanding Response to a Critical Incident Award: Winner: Paul White
  3. Cultural Capability Award: Winner: Rhonda Miller
  4. Chaplaincy Leadership and Innovation Award: Winner: Tamsyn Cullingford
  5. Chaplaincy Partnership Award: Winner: Mandurah Muscateers
  6. Regional Chaplain of the Year Award: Winner: Brent Findlay
  7. Chaplain of the Year Award: Winner: Kim Moore

These incredible individuals and teams have gone above and beyond in their respective fields, making a lasting impact on the lives they touch. Through their dedication, empathy, and unwavering support, they have demonstrated the true essence of chaplaincy.

The spirit of these awards aligns perfectly with Sonshine’s mission to partner with local community organisations to share the positive message of hope in Jesus. We are proud to support these awards as a Media Partner and join in celebrating the remarkable achievements of these deserving individuals. Let us celebrate the winners of the Governor’s Chaplaincy Awards and express our sincere gratitude for their invaluable contributions.