Just moments away from being crushed, a kitten narrowly escaped the jaws of a garbage truck, thanks to the quick thinking of the driver. This two-day-old feline, weighing a mere 93 grams, was rescued from certain doom as the driver heard its tiny mews amidst the trash being dumped and compacted.

Tiny Tim when he arrived (Image: Blue Cross Animal Hospital)

Upon arrival at Blue Cross Animal Hospital, his colour and birth during the Christmas season earned him the name Tiny Tim. Weighing so little, Tiny Tim required hand-feeding every two hours and was placed in an incubator for warmth and care.

Following his near-death experience, Tiny Tim not only survived but found a loving new home alongside another Blue Cross rescue kitten. Oskie, a three-legged kitten who had undergone amputation due to an infection and was the sole survivor from his own litter. Both kittens were adopted by Laura Morris who works for Blue Cross.

Tiny Tim with Laura Morris, his new owner (Image:Blue Cross Animal Hospital)

Expressing her disbelief at the ordeal, Morris shared, “I couldn’t believe he had been put in the bin; he’s so cute and lovely. Tiny Tim’s so inquisitive, confident, and happy. It’s incredibly rewarding to see him as he is now, compared to when he first came to us.

What a heart warming story. Listen to Bec and BT’s full chat below!