Image: Facebook/Peggy Winckowski

Picture this: a cozy kitchen, the aroma of a home-cooked meal wafting through the air, and the laughter of a tight-knit group of friends. That’s the scene every Wednesday at Grandma Peggy Winckowski’s house since October 2021.

It all started when Peggy’s grandson, Sam Crowe, realised that nothing beats Grandma’s cooking. Forget school cafeterias or local eateries – Grandma Peggy’s breakfast was the real deal. With school on the back burner for a bit due to late Wednesday starts, Sam and his pals decided to make breakfast at Grandma’s a weekly affair. Grandma Peggy welcomed the group with open arms and a kitchen full of love. The teenagers made Wednesday the highlight of her week. “I will feed them as long as they come,” she said.

But tragedy struck in 2022 when Sam Crowe lost his life in a car crash. The blow was devastating for Grandma Peggy, but Sam’s friends didn’t shy away. They showed up at Grandma Peggy’s doorstep on the day of Sam’s passing. Jeremy Roeder, one of the teens, expressed the depth of their connection: “We were all grieving with grandma. She’s family to all of us. Sam was too.” In the face of grief, they stood strong and supported Grandma Peggy through an emotionally challenging time.

Now, you might be wondering, did the tradition endure after such a heart breaking loss? The answer is a resounding yes. When the school year ended the question lingered, but Grandma Peggy assured the students that her home was always open. “He would want us to continue, so we’re continuing it. We’re all here for each other,” shared Roeder.

Over a year since Sam’s passing, the tradition lives on. Grandma Peggy, understanding the pain the teens still carry emphasised, “To be 15 and lose your best friend, it’s got to be so hard for them to understand. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t speak of Sam.”

She connects her meetings with the students to those of her late grandson, expressing that it makes her feel closer to him. She also mentioned that many locals and parents pitch in to donate and help with the meet so it can go on. “We can’t get over Sam’s passing but we can surely get through it together. I hope they will pay it forward as they grow older,” she said.

What a heart-warming story. Listen to Bec and BT’s full chat below!