Bec and Producer Telana shared some good news to make you smile.

World Heritage Fraser Island officially restored to its Indigenous name, K’gari, as voted by the public.

The world’s largest sand island off the coast of Queensland, formerly known as Fraser Island, has officially been renamed K’gari. Pronounced “Gurrie”, K’gari means “paradise” in the native Butchulla language. K’gari will now appear on official maps and road signs. Traditional owners say the name change symbolises something greater than labels.”It’s been an eight-year battle to actually get here. The fight was a journey of strength and courage,” Butchulla elder Chris Royan said.


Two security guards are being hailed as heroes after assisting a mother whose infant son was choking.

Joey Madrigal and Niko Nesbeth pulled into a gas station in Beverley Hills and saw a scene unfolding before them. A mother with a baby in her arms was screaming to ask if anyone was a doctor. Nesbeth, a former marine, rushed to help and immediately flipped him over to start patting his back to clear his airways. Madrigal used his private communication line to 911 to get an ambulance there. Thankfully the baby started breathing again after a few pats on the back upside down. “It was the best feeling to feel that way: to assist a community, especially a little child, that’s amazing,” Nesbeth said.