In a heart-warming display of generosity, a tight-knit group of workmates from New South Wales recently made headlines for their extraordinary act of kindness towards a colleague who had fallen on hard times.

Picture: Trent McWaide

The unsuspecting young man received an unexpected gift that would change his life. He was blindfolded and later presented with the surprise gift – a new car and an invitation to a better living situation.

The emotional moment when the young worker was unblindfolded and saw his new second-hand Honda CR-V was truly touching. Overwhelmed with gratitude, he embraced his colleagues in a heartfelt hug before even taking a closer look at his new set of wheels.

Cheyne Taylor, a co-worker from Roadsmart Fleet Steel River, took the lead in orchestrating the generous deed. In the video, Taylor emphasised the young man’s dedication, “You’re the first one to put your hand up to do overtime and everything.” He also offered the young man a room in his home.

Picture: Trent McWaide

Taylor shared that the young man had faced numerous challenges, having experienced a tough life in and out of foster homes. Despite his diligent work ethic, he struggled to get ahead. So Taylor and his wife approached their bosses and helped contribute to giving the young man a Christmas gift and a much-needed helping hand.

Trent McWaide, Managing Director of Roadsmart Fleet Steel River, expressed the aim was to provide the young worker with a sense of family and support. “The car and other items that we gave him are just a physical acknowledgment of our love and support for him and to give him the confidence moving forward that people care about him.

McWaide hopes that this inspiring story will encourage others to consider extending kindness during the holiday season. “I hope this story can give someone hope this Christmas. If that’s the case, job done.”

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