Bec and Jeziel shared some good news to make your day a bit brighter.

Four Colombian children were found alive in a jungle five weeks after a plane crash.

Two weeks ago, a plane crash in Colombia killed all three adults on board and the four children (ages 13, 9, 4 and 1) went missing. The military rescue squad found cast-away items they were using to survive. Including a baby bottle, hair scrunchies, scissors, and plastic wrapping leading to the areas where the children sheltered and found food. They finally managed to locate the kids and bring them home after five weeks in the jungle.

A couple donated blood on their wedding day.

Several years ago, Heath and Sarah met for the first time while donating blood. “I was already a blood donor, but I definitely became more ‘regular’ once I knew Sarah was a blood donor and timed my donations to be at the blood bank when she was,” said Heath. Their regular “donation dates” eventually led to a wedding. They included a blood donation at the centre where they fell in love as a part of their ceremony. “We wanted our first act as husband and wife to be something that helped save lives, doing something good for others,” Sarah said.