The Gold Coast has a new rising star, and it’s not just in the realm of influencers – it’s a mother-daughter duo ready to conquer the social media scene.

Kat Clark, the TikTok sensation with a cool 5.3 million followers, said she’s pulling her 12-year-old daughter, Deja, out of traditional school to pave the way for her budding social media career. That’s right – homeschooling is the new move!

In a chat on the “It’s All Her” podcast, Kat explained why they’re making the switch. With all the jet-setting involved in their new influencer lifestyle (Sydney, they’re looking at you), the standard 9 to 5 school grind wasn’t cutting it. So, homeschooling it is, allowing Deja to juggle both her studies and her rise to TikTok stardom.

Kat made it clear that it’s all about doing what’s best for her daughter. If Deja decides she misses the classic school vibes, they’re ready to shuffle her back into the traditional system by Year 10. It’s all about flexibility and giving Deja the best shot at the opportunities coming her way.

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